Face Lift Treatments

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Providing industry-leading, revolutionary face lift treatments with the latest technology, Skye Aesthetics will exceed your expectations. Once our team determines which service is right for you, the treatment is completely personalized to fit your unique needs and ensure the best possible results.

(Prices are inclusive of Microdermabrasion or Ultrasonic Scrubber)

(Radio Frequency Skin Tightening may be added to any of the treatments for an additional N4000)

Acne Face Lift

Say bye-bye to breakouts. This purifying facial treatment combines powerful antibacterial ingredients with soothing botanicals to fight acne lesions without irritating delicate skin.

No skin is left behind during this comprehensive treatment. The ACNE FACE LIFT combats all grades of acne by combining a powerful blend of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid with soothing anti-inflammatory botanicals.

Perfect for treating oily, acne and acne-prone skin.

Price : N23,000

ADD ON – Dermaceutic Mask Peel for extremely oily skin and deep Extraction : N6,000

Model Applying Cream


Hydra-dermabrasion exfoliates dead skin cells andextracts impurities with a vacuum-based skin abrasion tip while simultaneously bathing the healthy underlying skin with active serums that cleanse deeply, exfoliate thoroughly, hydrate completely and provide residual antioxidant protection.

The exceptional effectiveness of this treatment is due to its use of formulated serums in combination with a vacuum- based skin abrasion tip. It removes dead skin cells and impurities while bathing the healthy underlying skin with deep cleansing, extracting, exfoliating and antioxidant serums.

The first step exfoliates superficial dead skin cells, followed by the Vortex-Peel that provides the rewards of a peel without subsequent scaling skin. The third step cleans out pores with a comfortable vortex-suction. Next the Vortex- Fusion indulges the skin with a combination of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides. Lastly, a protective application of nourishing products will be 


Skin type indications: blocked pores, fine lines and wrinkles, rough texture, dull and sallow skin applied.

Price : N27,000

Brightening Face Lift

This luxurious treatment diminishes dark spots by utilizing the latest innovations in lightening and exfoliating technologies. Skin tone is immediately improved, providing a glowing, radiant complexion instantly.

The BRIGHTENING FACE LIFT is perfect for all skin types.

Price : N21,000


Basic Face Lift

Achieve maximum results in a short space of time with this revolutionary treatment that delivers unparalleled resurfacing benefits to give brighter, smoother and clearer skin.

Super active enzyme products further enhance the appearance of the new skin whilst providing hydration for balanced radiant skin.

Skin type indications: blocked pores, rough texture, dull and sallow skin.

Price : N16,000


The Oxygenating Face Lift

This luxurious skin care treatment infuses oxygen, plant- derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated.

The O2 FACE LIFT is perfect for all skin types.

Price : N21,000

Radio Frequency Tightening and 
Firming Face Lift

With this treatment users get medical effectiveness with the use of the latest Radio Frequency Technology. This innovating and market leading approach to anti-aging results in balanced, moisturised and stunning looking skin.

With quick, comfortable treatment, zero downtime, and no scars, non-surgical skin tightening has become a popular way for patients to enhance their appearance and self- confidence without taking time for surgery and recovery

Skin type indications: fine lines, wrinkles, dull and sallow looking skin.

Price : N27,000


The Dermaplaning Facelift

Exfoliate your skin with our new Dermaplaning service! This unique treatment removes dead skin cells, resulting in healthier, brighter skin. Using a scalpel, one of our highly trained aestheticians will gently shave the face – removing the topmost layer of skin along with vellus hair (peach fuzz).

There are many benefits that come along with Dermaplaning, it will remove dirt and oil accumulation, help minimize superficial acne scarring, and diminish the look of fine lines. This treatment can be used on all skin types.

Dermaplaning is a quick procedure, lasting less than 30 minutes- leaving you looking and feeling refreshed and renewed. You will also notice a difference in makeup application as products penetrate the skin deeper. We do recommend using an SPF after this treatment as your face will be highly susceptible to the sun after each treatment.

Skin type indications: blocked pores, rough texture, dull and sallow skin.

Price : N25,900


Hydra-Dermabrasion with Dermaplaning

Hydra-Dermabrasion is a non-laser skin resurfacing treatment. It consists of a combination of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and moisturizing serums with no downtime and no pain.

Dermaplaning consists of taking a scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dead skin and peach fuzz. It leaves the skin smooth and is perfect having a smooth makeup application. Basically, your makeup won’t look caked on and your complexion will be brighter.

Skin type indications: wrinkles and fine lines, rough texture, dull and sallow skin.

Price : N32,000

Deep Extraction Face Lift

This high impact treatment is specifically for oily skin, dilated pores and excess sebum. The Deep Extraction Face Lift

  • Purifies the epidermis

  • Brightens dull complexion

  • Decreases sebum production

  • Tightens pores

  • Regulates oily skin and dilated pores

We have combined a very light chemical peel with the nourishing effects of our innovative hydra-dermabrasion treatment.

This treatment has no social down time and will leave congested acne prone skin looking absolutey flawless.

Treatment may be followed with a deeper chemical peel 4 weeks after date of this treatment for timpeccable looking skin.

Skin type indications: wrinkles and fine lines, rough texture, dull and sallow skin.

Price : N42,500

Woman with Face Cream