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Four Fresh Beauty Trends for 2018

Feeling comfortable, confident, and happy is the end goal of beauty, and each year brings new trends to try. Those who want to update their look this year or refresh their skin for spring should consider these cutting-edge medical spa and skin center treatments and products.

1. Superfood Based Skin Care

Just as eating healthy food improves physical health, giving skin the right ingredients can make a big difference. Ask a local skin center for recommendations of organic and vegan skin care products that incorporate fresh, natural ingredients like blueberries, kale, spinach, broccoli, and herbs and greenery.

2. Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

While more clients will seek procedures at skin clinics as these treatments become more popular for Millennials, younger clients are likely to seek a big impact without serious recovery time. Botox, laser skin rejuvenation, and similar options continue to gain popularity.

3. Masks of All Kinds

A spin-off of the K-Beauty craze, masks are an easy way to look refreshed instantly. Sheet masks will continue to expand since they are so easy to use and clean up. Innovations in this area include infusions of probiotics and sheet masks designed specifically for the eye area. Charcoal masks to draw impurities from the skin are also a hot choice.

4. Pressed Serums

These hybrid creams combine the best quality of a serum and moisturizer, allowing busy women to save precious minutes in their beauty routines. Pressed creams provide exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturizing in one potent package.

With these four 2017 beauty trends, skin center clients can get on the road to looking their best with radiant skin.

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